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  • slidebg New Student Retreat

    New Student Retreat

    Freshmen and transfer students, join us in our upcoming FRESH Retreat. Meet your new family, and get to know what the Newman Center's all about!
  • slidebg Your home away from home

    Your home away from home

    A place to connect... Find your family away from family. Get fed!
  • slidebg Guiding the way

    Guiding the way

    Whether it's help with spiritual direction, academics, or just life in general, we're there to support you.
  • slidebg Making a difference

    Making a difference

    Both on- or off-campus, UHCNC students are making a difference in our community.

Upcoming Events

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Mission Statement

As part of the evangelistic mission of the Church, the Catholic Newman Center serves the Catholic Campus community at the University of Houston through liturgy, fellowship, prayer and education. As a welcoming faith community we offer service and leadership education and experience, spiritual guidance, pastoral care, faith development and education, and recreational and social opportunities, framing people for their active roles as laypersons, religious, and priests in the Church and in the world.

Meet the Staff

Committed and here for you.


Father John Paul Bolger is from Canada and has been a priest for over 8 years. He was appointed Director of the Catholic Newman Center in 2015.

Campus Minister

Claire McMullin was a teacher in her former life and comes to the Catholic Newman Center after 9 years of parish youth and college/young adult ministry.


Dolores Perez has been part of the Catholic Newman Center at UH staff for the past 15 years. Current students and alumni fondly call her "Mama Dolores" or "Ms. D”.

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