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The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (R.C.I.A.) is a program for those who want to be fully initiated into the Catholic Church (receive Baptism, Confirmation, and First Eucharist). It is also a program for those who have completed part of their initiation, but still lack catechesis (formation in Church doctrine). Those who are interested in the Adult Confirmation Program, these classes will start in the Spring Semester 2016. The R.C.I.A. Class will begin in the Fall Semester 2015. The following documents are required and must be promptly provided to the Catholic Newman Center. There are no exceptions to these documents. Baptismal Certificate with the complete mailing address issued within six months from the Catholic Church of your baptism, with any sacramental notations listed on the back. Proof of baptism (certificate of baptism or letter from minister or witness) is needed for a baptized non~Catholic. A copy of your Birth Certificate is also required. We are also seeking sponsors (spiritual companions) for those who are preparing to receive the sacraments this year. Sponsors must be practicing Catholics who are willing to commit to accompanying a candidate or catechumen on their faith journey. If you are interested in becoming Catholic, being Confirmed, or in being a sponsor for one of these individuals, please contact Fr. John Paul Bolger, C.C., at jp3ccnewman [at] gmail [dot] com for more information.

Retreat Opportunity Bayou Awakening # 25 November 6 ~ 8 @ Camp Kappe

Bayou Awakening: What Is Awakening? Bayou Awakening is a retreat for college age young adults (18 ~ 25), led by young adults, that focuses on deepening your relationship with Christ. There are several talks, including: "What is a Christian?" "Reconciliation," "Prayer," "Faith," "Discernment," "The Mystical Body of Christ." There are opportunities for small group conversation, quiet prayer time, mass, and confession. Join us for a great weekend of spiritual renewal! The retreat is offered twice a year, in the fall and the spring. Bayou Awakening # 25 will be held on November 6 ~ 8 @ Camp Kappe. Apply online at www.archgh.org/youngacm/Awakening/ to Attend BA # 25 OR download the application. After you've filled out your application, you will need to send your payment of $70.00. The full registration of $70.00 must be received by October 30, 2015 to guarantee a spot. Cancelations after October 30, 2015 will not be refunded. Please return or mail along with payment to the address shown below. Office of YACM Bayou Awakening # 25 2403 E. Holcombe Blvd., Houston, Texas 77021

Rediscovering the Faith

 REDISCOVERING THE FAITH ~ If you've been away from the practice of the Catholic faith for a while, we have some ideas to help you come back.

Welcome. Have you been away from the Church? Are you thinking about coming back? Do you know someone who wants to come home to the Catholic Church, but is struggling with their faith? Maybe you or someone you know has experienced one of these thoughts:

I grew up Catholic, but for some reason I just sort of stopped going to Church…

I just moved to a new city, I tried going to a couple different parishes, but I never really felt welcomed...

After my marriage ended, I felt uncomfortable around my family, friends and parish…

I just don't understand why the Church teaches what it does! Some teachings seem so outdated…

I tried to contact my parish about getting married but no one got back to me…

If you have experienced one of these situations or thoughts you are not alone. The Church wants you to know that you are a child of God, called by name, precious in his eyes and loved by him (Is. 43:1,4). The Church also wants you to know that you are missed. When one member of the Body of Christ suffers, the entire Body of the Church suffers.

This website contains resources to help you rediscover the faith and answer questions about the Church and Church teachings. We invite you to explore this site and contact your local parish.