Spiritual Guidance

Time in spiritual guidance is sacred place to confidentially reflect with a trusted person about your relationship with God.  The focus is your life with God as it is lived out in all your experiences.  Spiritual direction is for those who may be experiencing life’s transitions and even at times seeking God when it feels like God is distant.  A director may help you discern the next direction in your life and what God’s desire is for you.  The gift of spiritual direction is the process of coming home to your deepest self, discovering God in the midst of daily living.

If you are interested in meeting with a guide, please download this form, fill it out, and send it to Fr. John Paul at jp3ccnewman@gmail.com. (see attached)

Busy Student’s Retreat

The Busy Student’s Retreat is for people who would love to get away and take time to deepen their spiritual life but do not have the time. Set in the fall semester, the Busy Student Retreat takes place over 4 days and on the student’s own schedule. During the 4 days, the student dedicates time to pray with Scripture, meet with a spiritual director, and take part in at least one of the offerings for group prayer. Through the retreat, often students realize that God can do so much even in just a little bit of time, and they are able to move on in their studies and work renewed and refreshed. Check the calendar in August to see when the next retreat is.

Bayou Awakening

Bayou Awakening is a retreat for all college age young adults (18-25) in the archdiocese. It is led by young adults and focuses on deepening your relationship with Christ. There are several talks, including: "What is a Christian?" "Reconciliation," "Prayer," "Faith," "Discernment," "The Mystical Body of Christ." There are opportunities for small group conversation, quiet prayer time, mass, and confession.

Follow the link for more information and to register. http://www.archgh.org/youngacm/Awakening/